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Refrigeration Maintenance Adelaide, SA


Commercial refrigeration maintenance is extremely important. It will extend the life of equipment and also save on costly energy bills and emergency breakdowns. Major component failure can be avoided by simply cleaning condensers, checking oil levels and tightening electrical connections. Gas leaks can be avoided by spotting vibrations and worn pipe work. With the price of refrigerant at the moment avoiding leaks is a must. Loose wiring can cause electrical fires and high amp draw on electrical equipment. These are just a few problems that can be avoided by putting a maintenance plan into action. 


We offer any plan to suit your needs from quarterly to six monthly maintenances. If required all readings can be recorded and filed for insurance or landlord purposes.


Do not be fooled into thinking maintenance is a waste of money. The price of a maintenance can be considerably less than a major refrigerant leak or a compressor replacement due to a lack of maintenance. 

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