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Cool Room Installations - Adelaide, SA


Engineering of a cool room is of paramount importance if room load and heat gain calculations are wrong you will end up with a system that will not do what you want it to do.

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We also service and repair any size of cool room from small cafe cool rooms to major cold storage rooms.

We realise how important cool rooms are to businesses and aim to keep down time to a minimum to help save stock and prevent huge costs that can be incurred from throwing rotten stock away.

Maintenance is also a major part of our game, this can help prolong the life of equipment and rectify any problems before they happen and become costly. Remember the price of refrigerant can be crippling to a business, leaks can sometimes be avoided by stopping vibrating pipe work and inspecting the condition of fittings and accessories.


We can put a maintenance plan into action to suit your needs and requirements.


Absolute Cooling Services can design, engineer and build a cool room that meets your requirements.

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